The Todo Kai iaido dojo was established on Vancouver Island in 1997. We offer iaido classes in Nanaimo and Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, B.C. Todo Kai Iaido is as a registered as a non profit society.

Head instructor:

Peter Gunstone (Renshi Kokusai Renmei), has been studying iaido since 1982. He began his studies in Vancouver under Ted Davis Sensei, Shisu-kai Canada and followed the teachings of Kawakubo Takiji Sensei of Sendai Japan. Upon the passing of Kawakubo Sensei in 1986 Shisui-Kai Canada entered into a new era and association with Esaka Seigan Sensei of Tokyo ,Japan. This led to the inception of the Canadian Iaido Association of which Peter is a founding member. In 1997 with the encouragement from Esaka Sensei Peter founded Todo Kai when he moved to Vancouver Island and continues to instruct and promote iaido in Canada.


Susan White (5th dan), has been studying Iaido since 2001. She began her studies in Victoria under Ted Davis Sensei. In 2002 she was awarded Tobidan (jump-level), which means she was awarded Nidan (2nd dan) when she tested for her Shodan (1st dan). Sue is a head intructor at both Todo Kai locations and is the President of our registered non profit society.

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